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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 17, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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parisians defying islamic state terrorists by returning to paris night spots just days after the attacks. bar and restaurant owners using the slogan, everyone to the bistro. thanks for being part of a very busy real story. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast. noon on the west coast. 9:00 p.m. in paris. there's double trouble in europe. as investigators reveal they're now search for not one but two terror suspects involved in a paris attack. the hotel room raid that reveals what the terrorists were doing before the attack. we havehow drugs may have been involved which makes sense because one suspect ex-wife is now saying that he was a stoner who had never even went to the mosque. plus, russia and france now reportedly agreeing to work together to target islamic state fighters. ahead, we'll look at america's involvement and you'll hear from a former nato chief who says just bombing isis is not going to solve the problem and that there are five more steps we need to take. and the economic impact of
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terrorism from defense stocks to airfares, we'll look at how it affectses our money. let's get to it. >> now, "shepard smith reporting," live from the fox news desk. >> first from the desk, fox news alert. a german police chief is now warning of a concrete threat of a bomb plot. it's happening now in the northern german city of hannover. police there tell german television the entire city is now threatened. this new word came about an hour and a half before the kickoff of a soccer match, and a big one. police evacuated the stadium and announcement over the loud speaker told people to leave calmly. the german chancellor angela merkel was set to attend this match. a sort of defiant showing that she would not cower to terrorism. of course, suicide bombers in paris targeted the stade de france in that country's largers stadium. investigators believe the bombers tried to get inside to
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set off their bomb there's and spark a deadly stampede. you will remember a security guard reportedly cornered one of the bombers before he got in. he blew himself up at the stadium gate. we have team fox coverage this afternoon. steve in paris. first get to rick who is also in paris with breaking news. rick, as people are sitting around looking for their phones they're probably getting alerts from news agencies across america that, in fact, an ambulance has been stopped that that ambulance was filled with bombs. fox news cannot confirm that. we have no credible reports to it. but it's on the phone and worth a mention and reminder we can't confirm it. to rick now for the latest. rick? >> well, clearly officials, shepard, are taking this threat seriously. this was supposed to be a friendly soccer match between germany and netherlands. the german chancellor were among those scheduled to attend. instead, 90 minutes before kickoff of this soccer match, the stadium was evacuated and
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the game was canceled because of that bomb threat with a hannover police chief saying there was specific information about explosives and explosives attack, concrete evidence, he says, of some kind of threat to set off a bomb inside this stadium. as you mentioned, friday night's coordinated attacks in paris began with a center ris of explosions outside the stade de france where three suicide bombers bloous themselves up and this is another xach of just how on edge not just france but the rest of europe is in the wake of friday the 13th's terror attacks here in the heart of paris. and also worth mentioning, shepard, there is another game schedule ord taking place at wembley stadium in london between england and france where prince william and british prime minister david cameron are in attendance along with 80,000 fans. no incident report thread. a game in germany now canceled, in hannover. police there are looking for whoever might have been responsible for not just a threat but possibly trying to carry out an actual terrorist
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attack. >> rick, thanks. meantime, international manhunt is expanding this hour with cops now search for two suspected terrorists involved in the paris attack from last week. that's what french sources are telling the associated press. it reports that investigators have not identified the second suspect but that they know he's out there. that's as the brother of this suspected terrorist, is calling for him to turn himself in to police. the suspect salah abdeslam has been on the loose since the massacre. a third brother was one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up. britain's "daily mail" interviewed that terrorist's ex-wife. she called him a stoner. smoking hash all day, every day, unquote. she said he never went to mosque and did time in prison. french police have again conducted more than 100 raids and in belgium the military is deploying hundreds more troops to patrol the streets. police have linked several suspects to that country. most from a section of brussels
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known as a den of terrorists. back in france, investigators say the bombers spent their last days in a grudngy hotel outsidef paris. here you can see needles and syringes, see on the coffee table there, plastic tubing as well. some close-ups here. forensic teams are testing to see whether the terrorists used this stuff in making the bombs. whether some of the items used might have been put into the syringes before being mixed or even if the terrorists used them for drugs. pictures show they also found empty pizza boxes and chocolate from the hotel snack machine. now we're learning the united states had suspected mastermind behind the attacks in its sights. multiple reports end indicate the united states and our allies tried to kill abdelhamid abaaoud as recently as last month. he slipped out of site in the weeks before the attacks. abaaoud propped in several isis propaganda videos. one from last year shows him
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driving a truck hauling a string of victims' corpses. the french president francois hollande now calling that country, quote, the biggest factory of terrorism the world has ever known. and new this hour, france again retaliating with even more air strikes. something many analysts say is exactly what isis wanted to provoke. from today's "washington post," and i quote, expanding the conflict may seem like a self-destructive move. but to some analysts, it is squarely in keeping with what the group advertises as its overriding, apocalyptic mission, to lure the world's unbelievers into syria for a final armageddon like battle. in other words, what isis wants is for western nations to meet islam on its own court for final bat of civilizations in which the 12th iman or the savior will end it. for them it's a bat of
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civilizations. for them, it is divine, it's the word of god. they want a ground war against the west. something each of us should know before we form our own opinions on whether u.s. ground troops in syria are a good idea. team fox coverage continues. steve is live in paris tonight. the manhunt has stepped up now, right? >> shepard, it has. more than 100,000 french police and military have been mobilized for a manhunt that now goes around the clock. police carried out more than 100 raids overnight. they turned up the third car used by the terrorists. now of course they are hunting for two suspects two played a direct role in those attacks. they also are testing dna at the hotel where two of those terrorists stayed, finding pizza boxes, chocolate wrappers and used syringes. as france has launched a second round of air strikes against islamic state positions in syria overnight, the government here is pushing for new powers, they say, to fight a new enemy. they want the state of emergency here in france extended for
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three months. those powers will give the government the right to carry out searches without a warrant and the right to place people under house arrest. shepard, back to you. >> steve har, arigan, thank you. >> he's worked as part of the royal family's personal security detail. steve, good afternoon. thank you. >> you're welcome, shep. >> where are we in this search, in your estimation? >> well, i think it's imperative that we find this guy that's on the loose. he's obviously a linchpin to a lot of valuable information. i mean, the mere fact that he hired vehicles, he hired hotel rooms, they used the hotel rooms as logistics and as a base and left behind a lot of incriminating evidence. this is a last ditch effort of somebody who really had nothing to lose and i fully expect he didn't expect to make it through today. >> he's been involved, according to multiple reports, for the
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last year in attempt after attempt. he's been on the radar for months and months and months on end. a known terrorist who is known to try to participate in recent strikes. do you have a sense of why it's so difficult for all of these resources to find this one man who has been on their list for a long time? >> i think this is one guy in a million, shep. i mean, there are so many people out there that we know have this type of connection. and we're constantly on the search for them. i mean, last night when france executed over 100 warrants and recovered lots of firearms, ammunition, and even a missile launcher, that actionable intelligence was already there. it didn't just come about overnight. so i'm wondering how oi oh why it wasn't implemented before this. why we've done it after the attack and we allowed it to continue. >> steve, i want our viewers to see this picture. they probably have seen it
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before. of abdelhamid abaaoud. this is a man wanted in conjunction with previous attacks. he's not something who slipped under the radar. he's not someone who communicated through what's app or something else and hasn't been able to -- we've seen this picture for months and months and months. he's been out there and involved and now they say he's the mastermind in this. and yet no one's been able to find him for a very long time. he's not some also ran, he masterminded this and they knew about it in advance. >> yeah. whether he master minded it or whether it was just the one orchestrated it. >> i'm just quoting authorities on this matter. >> sure, sure. but, you know, he came out openly and said how easy it has been for him to get from syria to belgium and belgium back to syria. i think it just goes to show how porous the borders in europe are. >> do you think about bor roupo border, around here in the united states we seem to be concerned about syrian refugees. one to two-year vetting process to get in here and quet we have a 2,000-mile open border with
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canada. which are you more concerned about? >> well, i think that a certainly with this vetting and depends on the people that you listen to as to how well the vetting is done. it's a great conduit for people to smuggle in isis guys through the guise of refugees. >> all right. thanks very much. it's good to have you here. we're in the middle of breaking news as we're working to find out what the extent of the concern is now in germany with the german chancellor angela merkel headed to the soccer match where the stadium has been emptied. we're wait for new developments on reports that we've heard. we have learned today that t. french president hollande will head to the white house in a matter of days to talk strategy for taking on the islamic state. in moments we'll take you to washington where the p ambassador noted, we're all in this together. >> we have been very moved by the reaction by the american people, the way they have showed their compassion, solidarity and
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grief. we are not only allies but we are friends. unfortunately we are safing the same threat.
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. we've been mentioning multiple reports, you may have gotten an alert on your own phone about a bomb or series of bombs said to have been inside aen ambulance potentially outside a stadium in northern germany. the most representable news organization now reporting on this, i believe, is the build newspaper and it's online properties and they are now reporting that there are checks
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happening on a doctor's car or a doctor's vehicle and an ambulance. but so far nothing to confirm these wide spread reports that they may have located an ambulance filled with explosives as we get definitive word we will let you know. the president obama will meet with francois hollande next week in the oval office. top of the agenda is the response to last week's attack on paris. the white house says the leaders will discuss america's role with helping that investigation as well as how to strike back on the islamic state on its own turf. rich? >> shep, the white house says the two presidents will discuss further cooperation when it comes to engaging in that 65-country coalition that is currently fighting isis. secretary of state john kerry has met with the french president francois hollande earlier today in paris, following that meeting kerry said that the united states and france have agreed to exchange even more information. this as critics of the white house are calling for a military
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intervention when it comes from the united states, a change in strategy. the secretary of state defended that saying there is a clear working strategy in place. >> and step by step, i am confident that the momentum will pick up. so i thank you all and particularly again am confident that over the next days paris which knows how to rebound, will do so. >> president and the white house say they refuse to engage in another long-term, long-large group ground operation in a foreign country, much like they say they don't want to repeat iraq or afghanistan. though the opponents of the white house are saying they are not calling for that. >> it's embarrassing when he continues to set up a straw man saying there's either nothing done or 100,000 troops. no one that i know of is recommending 100,000 troops. we are recommending an international coalition of arab and european countries with
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about 10,000 american troops. >> president hollande will be at the white house on tuesday. he will also meet this week or next week, excuse me, with the russian president vladimir putin whose military is engaged in syria defending the assad regime. shep? >> rich, thanks. the french say they have been pounding the islamic state self-declared capital city with air strikes. word in the last 20 minutes of ten separate strikes today. this for a third day in a row. the russians say they've also been bombing the city. and now there's word the russians and the french may begin working together. where does that leave america? that's coming up on fox news channel. ♪ have you ever thought, "i could never do that"? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank?
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use energy and get quick and easy tips on how to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. 20 minutes past the hour. france is deand inning european allies help it fight the islamic state in iraq and syria.
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in response to the deadly paris terror attack. french officials invoked a so-called mutual defense clause in a european union treaty, one that obligates members to each other when they come under attack. it is an unpress debted move but the french say all 27 eu members have already vowed to help. this comes as the kremlin reports russian president vladimir putin and the french president francois hollande have agreed to coordinate in the move against isis. officials say russian forces have fired cruise missiles at the islamic state self declared capital city of raqqah and other targets in syria. french officials just a short time ago an understand noed they've been bombing syria for a third day in a row. jennifer griffin at the pentagon, any word on whether the russians and the french are actually coordinating these strikes, jennifer? >> well, shep, not according to u.s. defense officials. the french are using u.s. intelligence and targeting help for those air strikes which have just started for a third night, as you reported. separately, 12 russian
12:22 pm
long-range bombers including supersonic 22 backfire flew from a base in russian shah near the border of georgia. russia launched cruise missiles at raqqah shortly after midnight. vladimir putin ordered his commanders to establish contact with the french navy and it'ses aircraft carrier, the charles de gaulle. putin ordered the general staff to develop a joint plan of action with the french in the sea and in the air, shepard? >> jennifer, practically speaking does this change anything for the united states and its strategy? >> not really. not according to the pentagon press secretary peter cooke who addressed reporters just moments ago. >> right now we are not cooperating with russia as you know. in this instance their most recent air strikes, they did give us advance notice through the memorandum of understanding that is in place. >> there continues to be frustration among senior u.s. military commanders the u.s. is not doing more. here's the retired air force
12:23 pm
general who thread air campaign over afghanistan. >> you keep on hearing people take -- including the president saying, this is going to take a long time. it's only going to take a long time if you want it to take a long time. we have it within our capacity to shut down the effectiveness of the islamic state in a very short period of time. a matter of weeks, not years. >> finally we just learned that the u.s. marine corps is sending more marines to paris to protect the u.s. embassy in response to a request from the state department. there is no current threat to the embassy, we are told, just an abundance of caution right now. >> thank you. let's bring in admiral james, former supreme allied commander at nato. he's also the author of the accidental admiral, and dean of the fletcher school at tufts university. nice to see you again. thank you. >> good seeing you, shep. >> you say start with the u.s. and russia. what do you mean? >> i think that we need to get russia involved in the -- in
12:24 pm
these strikes. they have high motivation. 220 of their citizens killed. putin's reputation is a strong and decisive leader are on the line. it's a way for us to maneuver russia where we want them, which is attacking the islamic state. and i think this is an opportunity for us to do that. >> the french with ten more strikes, they tell us today, against sites in raqqah. sounds like sometimes they're targeting their money, the oil trucks and the rest. your thoughts on what's happening now. >> it is a good strategy to go after the financial means of this group. they are knocking down, shep, 2 to $3 million a day from smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, cyber crime. we need to go after that with all our tools. follow the money and we will assist in choking off the islamic state. it's a good strategy. >> and have your thoughts changed about ground forces? >> no. i continue to believe we need a
12:25 pm
higher level of ground forces in country. not 100,000, not 150,000. but we need 15,000 troops, and they can be a mix of u.s. and allied troops. they would be trainers, as you and i have talked about several times, to motivate and engage the kurds, primarily in the north. that's 150,000 troops. 100,000 iraqi security forces in the south. that would be sufficient for us if they had the steel inside them that would be provided by u.s. and nato troops. >> and should we concerned about mission creep then and, further, should we be concerned that isis has said from the beginning that what it wants is western troops on the ground to have this final apocalyptic showdown, that is for them a bat of civilizations? >> a valid pair of concerns, shep. but i think if you balance them against the threat, the risk, the barbarity of this group it outweighs those two concerns to
12:26 pm
mitigate in favor of more ground troops. again, we don't need a massive force here. but we're going to need more than 3,000 troops which is what we have on the ground now. >> thanks so much. it's great to talk to you. i appreciate it. >> thank you, shep. see you next time. >> all right. we're still monitoring developments in northern germany and there is great concern about developments at a stadium there today, a stadium where a friendly soccer match was to take place. a stadium which german chancellor angela merkel was to attend. now many questions about whether there may have been threats to that stadium and in fact may have suspicious devices there. we're working to get confirmation because we don't want to let -- get ahead of the news on this. and when we have that for you, we'll bring it to you. attorney general loretta lynch testifying before congress about the paris attack. we'll have the details about that and what she says to stay on top of the threats in the united states. russian officials say improvised explosive device brought down an airliner over
12:27 pm
egypt killing 224 people onboard. in other words, what the west has been reporting for quite some time now, they finally come around to. a bomb brought down that jet. ahead, the latest from investigators on how somebody may have smuggled that bomb on to a crowded flight as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. important than your health. or the freedom to choose what doctor you want to see. so if you have medicare parts a and b, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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headlines from the fox news desk. police say they arrested more than 50 people during a second night of protests in minneapolis. hundreds of demonstrators blocked a major highway for three hours last night. protesting after a police officer shot a black man suspected of attacking someone. investigators say the suspect died from his injuries last night. the secret service director apologizing to lawmakers again today after an investigation found dozen of agents looking into the background of a republican congressman jason cha fets. they were apparently trying to retaliate against him for
12:30 pm
investigating whether agents were drinking and driving on the job. and four snowboarders in federal court today in a discrimination case. they say it's wrong for all ski resort near salt lake city to ban snowboarding. lawyers for the resort say it's just a business decision. menaces on the mountain had long expired.
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12:32 pm
bottom of the hour now. time for the top of the news. attorney general loretta lynch fielding questions from lawmakers today on the paris attack. she called the violence an attack on all humanity and said the feds are acting aggressively to stay on top of the threats. but she does admit it's, quote, very challenging, unquote. since terrorists can use encryption technology to hide their online conversations. we're hearing the feds will give a classified briefing to the entire house of representatives tonight. our chief intelligence correspondent on the top story at the bottom of the hour from washington, catherine, can you tell us about this briefing that's scheduled? >> shep, there is a highly
12:33 pm
classified briefing later today for the entire house, including the fbi director, the homeland security secretary, as well as the head of the national counter terrorism center, the nation's hub for threat analysis set up after 9/11. based on monday's late night briefing to lawmakers, we know that the plot was international in scope, directedly isis and raqqah. the logistics and final planning stages in brussels, bell jul, executed paris. for more than the year we understood isis had a strategy to go global. they've had a safe haven to plan and train recruits and funding treasury officials say is somewhere between $500 million and a billion dollars. the ranking dem on the house intelligence committee told fox, these are these concerns. >> what concerns me the most here in the united states is in the immediate aftermath of paris that there be copycats. in other words, that some of the homegrown radicals that we have here are inspired by the violence in paris to want to go out and act on their animosity,
12:34 pm
act on their violent impulses. that i think is the most immediate danger. >> virtually identical briefing for the senate tomorrow, shep. >> catherine harris, live with us. thanks. we're getting bringing news from sky news in london reporting out of germany about the stadium troubles. now a second stadium has been evacuated. listen. >> concert has been canceled. the concert of the popular german group that was supposed to take place about 20 minutes here from this stadium where i'm still standing. the stadium, of course, has been evacuated. the broader area around the stadium and there is a press conference going on right now of the interior minister of germany who has hopefully some more concrete information because information is actually changing every minute. so it's pretty difficult to confirm what really happened and what's going on. >> it's not just the game which has been canceled tonight. then a concert as well. but the football match was due
12:35 pm
to be attended by chancellor angela merkel. >> that's true. and there again we have this information, early information was chancellor merkel was already in the stadium when the match was canceled. now we hear she has not yet been inside the stadium. it's very difficult to confirm the information. they are coming from the police and even they are giving different informations here and there. what we know is that the german and netherlands team had not yet arrived inside the stadium and they are in a safe place, whether that is a in hotel other place, they have not said. >> they not cancel not only the football match but a concert in this northern germany city of hannover. and we just gotten word from the interior ministry in germany they did so out of an abundance of caution based on a number of tips they had received. i'm sure you might imagine, tensions are extremely high. there have been various reports of all kinds of sightings around but we don't have anything
12:36 pm
official from any sources that make it something worth raising the alert balloon for at this moment. a couple of stadiums have been shut down and evacuated. one for a concert. one for a football match. out of abundance of caution because of tips authorities had received. at this moment it's nothing more than that, according to authorities. well, it was a home made bomb that brought down a russian jet killing all 224 people onboard. that's now according to the russian security service who says it is now clear the crash was an act of terrorism. the passenger jet was headed to st. peterson berg in russia when it slammed into the desert in egypt's sinai peninsula. most of the passengers were russian tourists. it was a chartered flight headed home from vacation. the russian security head says an improvised explosive device, a bomb, detonated soon after the jet took off causing it to disintegrate in midair. that's a quote. he says that's why pieces of the fuselage was scattered over such a large year. officials arewhether an airport
12:37 pm
smuggled the bomb onboard. today the russian president vladimir putin would be relentless in hunting down those responsible for hunting the attack, offering a $50 million reward for anybody who has information leading to an arrest. for weeks now islamic state affiliate in the sinai peninsula claims it brought down the jet in retaliation for augs air strikes in syria. whether that's true, we cannot confirm. let's bring in brian walsh, international editor for "time" magazine. brian, a lot in the mix now. but more than anything else, it looks like airport security is something we all need to be paying more attention to. >> i think that's true. we know here in egypt someone smuggled that bomb aboard. concerning you can have someone on the inside do that. it's much harder to stop it. it shows you have different levels of airport security around the world. the fact this is happening there has to be very concerning. >> so many reports here, domestically, the tsa has had a number of tests of its own facilities and in one of those tests not too far long ago 95%
12:38 pm
of all fake guns or bombs brought through went undetected and they said that tsa for its part had been a failure on those fronts. >> well, so far we really don't know how well they're responding to a real actual plot. we also don't know isis' true capacity to carry off something like that here in the u.s. of course as you pointed out we don't know isis did this. they're claiming responsibility after the fact but there's no clear proof they ordered it from syria or if that affiliate was the done to do it. >> on the explosion of the plane, the jet that came down and killed 224 people. the egyptians had been front and center largely according to your reporting. >> they had been front and center but they haven't been really fast to actually do this and step up and actually take responsibility for what happened. you're now seeing after the russians finally days and weeks after we knew that this was a bomb. the russians actually saying this was, now you see egypt kind of opening up to the fact that, yes, something happened. really still very slow to really acknowledge that because they're
12:39 pm
worried about the impact it's going to have on their international image and tourist industry. >> we went quickly from isis operate inside its own caliphate to first bringing down this jet which now seems to be the case and now the attack in paris and threats of much more. is this according to the "time" is this a strategy change, expansion of what they were doing? >> it's clearly seems like a strategy change because you're right. before they were very much focused on bringing in people into the caliphate to focus on that. now it seems they're willing to go outside that. they're willing to attack the far enemy in europe, perhaps the united states as well. really and they've been doing this now for a number of months. attacks in tunisia, attacks in lebanon a few days ago. this is clearly something isis seems to be interested in doing. and actually has the capacity to do as well. >> the question is how do you figure out where they are and how to stop them with whatsapp and all the relatives. appears to be increasingly difficult. >> challenging bep are worried about lone wolf attacks but there's only so much damage one person being inspired by isis
12:40 pm
can do. but when you're talking about pack attacks, eight attackers in paris, probably more collaborators, that becomes much harder to stop and also becomes the amount of damage it can create obviously far exceeds that what a lone wolf terrorist can do. >> the man who is now described as the sort of mastermind of this, if you believe the investigators, is one -- i'm not sure that's the right word, it's the one they're using. we've seen him pop up on a number of different terrorist attempts as one they've been searching for for many months on end. they've had this picture out there for all the world to see and yet nothing on this guy. >> he's speaking to isis own english language magazine boasting about his ability to go into europe and come back. clearly intelligence failure on the part of the europeans but also have an incredibly difficult problem to solve. they have hundreds perhaps even thousands of potential sort of militants to keep an eye on. it takes 25 operatives to focus on one militant. they don't have the manpower or money to do that. face the issues of sharing information across borders. a lot easier to travel across
12:41 pm
than share sbel jebs across. >> details of belgium? hundreds of belgian citizens have gone over so syria and have now come back? hundreds of them, at 25 men per se per person, the math doesn't work. >> i don't think and you have to keep an eye on them as they used to say about the ira. they won't have to be right once. the intelligence service has to be right every time. >> bryan walsh from "time" magazine and, thank you. when terrorists do attack we often see stockholders paying the price. it's not uncommon for markets to slide in the wake of terror strikes. for instance, after the attacks of 9/11 the dow dropped 7% in one day. this time it appears we're seeing something all together different. look at why and what it means for retirement accounts and the cost of fighting this. that's coming up. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created.
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we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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stadiums shut down. two closed for the night, a football match canceled, concert
12:45 pm
canceled because of fears of explosive device and ambulances and cars. the german interior minister just spoken definitively, no explosives have been found. authorities acted in abund dance of caution. there is no danger. the terror attack in paris has impacted the markets here at home. take a look at our walls. stocks for some big name defense companies involved in a fight against the islamic state has been climbing over the past couple of days. raytheon is approaching all-time highs for a second day. fox business networks live in paris tonight. paris a major hub for tourism. >> it certain is, shep. in fact, if you look at the gdp of france, tourism is about 7 1/2%. this is really big. when you talk about paris, i was talking to some people who are actually in the industry who didn't even want to come on my show later because they don't want to talk about how bad it is right now or what they're afraid
12:46 pm
over the next three months. but 50%, shep, 50% of hotel bookings were actually canceled this weekend. i mean, paris is a big center, especially for paris, there are a lot of people, a lot of europeans who come down here from belgium, from the netherlands, from germany. so it is very clear that local restaurants, local hotels, and local shops are going to feel those friday attacks. >> and airline stocks have taken a hit as well, right, deidra? >> they have. we've been looking at american airlines, delta, all the major carriers down about 2 1/2% so far this week. so it's too early to tell to see how long this is going to last. but we were both in the united states with 9/11, based in new york. you saw people. they wanted to go out. they wanted to resume living but there is of course this concern when you do feel a little extra threat. so some people saying it's too late to say the retail season,
12:47 pm
the tour rich season and travel season is over for yup but it seems to be suffering from a yr near term reaction which is understandable. you can see the eiffel tower right behind me here. i was up there close to the tower earlier. just taking some pictures, doing some working on assignments. there were tons of people there. i do think even though people are frightened and people that i've been speaking with, they certainly are. they do not want to let the terrorists win. i know that is very much a sentiment that a lot of new yorkers had after 9/11 but that is to say they are going out. they are sitting in restaurants. they are sitting in cafes. they are moving forward. shep? >> well, the attack in paris along with a bombing of a russian airliner over egypt have clearly rattled nerves among some travelers here in united states. two separate incidents today prompted security response. crews removed four people from a spirit airlines jet about to take off from baltimore this morning after fellow passengers reported they were acting suspiciously while the plane was
12:48 pm
taxiing. according to a government source one of the people was reportedly watching what a witness described as an islamic state type video. local reports noted the three men and one woman appeared to be of middle eastern descent. crew members from london had police meet the plane as it landed at boston to deal with what they described as an unruly passengers. she appeared to be drunk and was trying to open an exit door in mid flight. a photo here someone took as the cops hauled her away. you can't see the woman in the picture but we're told the crew had to restrain her during the flight. police say there is no apparent terror connection. the white house set to respond directly to governors across the united states who say they will not take in refugees from syria. the response, next.
12:49 pm
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some critics say their worried the refugees could be a risk to the united states. senior u.s. officials say this is a federal issue and refugees are protected under federal law. the white house says it plans to accept 10,000 syrian refugees to the united states by the end of the year after they go through an extensive security screening process. a group that helps process refugees reports more than 2,000 have settled in america since 2012. david lee miller in new york
12:53 pm
city this afternoon. david lee? >> 18 of the governors put it bluntly and said they will not allow syrian refugees to live in their home states. some of the governors, however, do admit that states do not have the legal authority to reject refugees. the governors say their main concern, security among those oppose sd rick schneider of michigan whose state has the largest number of arab-americans. the only latino governor of new mexico also rejects the current resettlement program, so does democrat governor of new hampshire who is run for senate. high-profile republicans in congress, on the campaign trail also say it's a bad idea. lawmakers could soon vote on a bill from north carolina congressman richard hudson that would require background checks for all refugees entering the u.s. house speaker paul ryan has joined the chorus calling for a halt of the refugee program. >> this is a moment that it's
12:54 pm
better to be safe than sorry. we think the prudent, responsible thing is to take a pause in this particular aspect of this refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. >> on the other side of the issue, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders welcome the syrian refugees. vermont governor is another democrat reporting resettlement. >> i think it's spirit of all of us to ensure that when you have folks who are drowning, who are dying, in the pursuit of freedom that vermont does its part. >> since the conflict began 12 million syrians have been forced to flee their homes and according to a published report, only about 2% of the refugees are men of military age. shepard? >> david lee miller, thank you top of the hour headlines just moments away.
12:55 pm
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the information came from french intelligence. some 30 hours in advance. a group known as the quote, north africans unquote planning an attack using automatic weapons and suicide bombings. vests. they were going to use at the entrance to the stadium. as it turns out reports that they have found explosives, unwarranted. the match and the concert called all but no known threat at this point. weather alert. we could see tornados today from texas into mississippi and this line of difficult thunder showers here. the national weather service confirms five twisters in texas. the tornados downing power lines and damaging a plant that was closed at the time. no serious injuries. in dallas the winds so strong they flipped this semi-truck and meantime heavy snow shutting down roads and stranding cars in colorado. parts of the state could get up to two feet. police in colorado say a retired
12:59 pm
army cole nell had been driving drunk when he killed a state trooper south of denver. this happened sunday. cops arrested eric henderson. he appeared in court where a judge set his bond at a million bucks. he's accused of vehicular homicide, driving drunk and leaving the scene. the trooper had been arresting another trooper or should say assisting another trooper in a separate accident when the suspect hit with his car and fled. she leaves behind a husband and a young child. and on this day in 1969 the u.s. and the soviet union began talks to try to slow down the cold arms race. they discovered the soviet union was working on a stockpile of missiles to shoot down any strikes from the united states. leaders from both sides agreed to enforce a limit and each held on to enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet many times
1:00 pm
over but negotiators tried to go less ballistic 46 years ago today. when news breaks out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith in new york. now to neal. >> honest and frank about this and talk about these things without being fearful. there is a problem with some of the muslim community in this country. there is a problem. we have to be honest about it. our politicians i'm afraid haven't had. >> all right. he runs an opposition party and looking eerily pressing now. he's all but a racist say critics. the ramped multi cultural around the world. countries including britain, france e g


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